What could you accomplish in your business… if you believed that you were unstoppable?

What could you accomplish in your business…

if you believed that you were unstoppable?


Creating Business Breakthroughs

January 17-19, Atlanta GA

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Business can be hard. You deserve to have it be easier, and more successful.

What if you had…

The momentum to grow your business?

The confidence to overcome any fear?

The resilience to handle any obstacles?

The commitment to not stop in pursuit of your mission?

Day to day, it doesn’t always work that way.

Have you ever gone into a networking event and not gotten any calls or clients?

Or spoken with a prospective client, and choked in the middle of a sales conversation?

We’ve all been there…but how do you move past it?


Empower: Creating Business Breakthroughs

Jan. 17 – 19, Atlanta GA

By combining top-notch strategies for making money, reducing overwhelm, and simplifying marketing and sales, with cutting-edge mindset techniques, you’ll be positioned to make a quantum leap forward.

At the end of 3 days, you’ll be more empowered than 99% of the business owners out there, because you’ll have identified your top strategies, and removed any hidden self-sabotage to create extraordinary breakthroughs.

What if you had the ability to implement any strategy, and handle any challenge with ease?

This is the most complete, most effective business breakthrough program ever created for transformational entrepreneurs. If you want to breakthrough your current business level to serve your clients at the highest level, while being well-paid for sharing your gifts with the world, this event is for you.

Attracting clients online is no longer optional for coaches, healers, and consultants and other transformational entrepreneurs. Knowing how to navigate the world of social media and technology is essential – and can be uncomfortable, even paralyzing.

There is now strong scientific evidence that proves that your negative emotions actually interfere with the rational parts of your brain. This means when you experience a fear, anxiety, upset, or anger, or any discomfort, you literally can’t access all the intelligence, resources and capabilities you have, so you’re not as resourceful in your business as you could be.

What if you could overcome those fears, upsets, and challenges, so you were able to access ALL of your intelligence and your amazing capabilities, right from the start?

You’d have a breakthrough – you’d be EMPOWERED. 

What People Are Saying.
“My participation created a big shift for me.”

“My participation on stage with Pamela working on Resilience and Failure created a big shift for me. It gave me forward momentum, greater clarity, and more confidence to see the possibilities for my business.”

Sue Zook
“People are looking for something different, and I think that’s what Empower delivers.”
“I think people are looking for a more integrated coach that has got the strategy but also the mindset work and the understanding that business is more than just implementing strategies. People are looking for something different, and I think that’s what Empower delivers.”
Kari Mitchell

Join Pamela Bruner, a 7-figure business coach and EFT expert, for 3 days of intensive training designed to help you create breakthroughs in your business. 

Your Host

Pamela Bruner

Pamela Bruner

CEO Make Your Success Real & Attract Clients Online

Million-dollar business coach, creator of the premier online marketing company providing funnels and Facebook ads for the transformational industry, co-author of ‘Tapping into Ultimate Success’ with Jack Canfield

Here’s What You’ll Learn and Experience During This Powerful 3 Day Event…


Steps to Create $200,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000 in YOUR Business

You’ll learn the proven path to create a successful transformational business, that has a 10X impact for your clients AND the world. Get the vision, and the strategies for each step, and be empowered to know you can implement them!

Discover Your Unique Branding Style as a Coach, Consultant or Healer

Discover what it takes to create an aspirational brand that has your ideal clients sit up and take notice, and how you can build that into a business with a BIG impact! You’ll get the secrets put your best work in the world in a powerful way, enabling you to create a legacy.

How to Create Funnels, Facebook Ads and Other Online Client-Attracting Systems!

You’ll learn the magic of automated client-attracting systems, plus the way to navigate the technology and the social media platforms that are right for you. Learn how you can open the door for more of the right clients to work with you!

Overcome Your Fears of Networking, Sales, Visibility, so You Can Grow Your Impact and Influence in a Big Way.

You’ll learn to recognize the subtle self-sabotage that can keep you from getting the clients and making the money you want and deserve. You’ll be surprised at how much easier your business tasks will seem – they’ll even be enjoyable!

How to Finally Master a Money Mindset of Success!

You’ll learn the business models that will help you maximize your income and remove the subconscious money blocks that are sabotaging your profitability.

How to Master Your Emotions and Gain Unstoppable Confidence

You’ll go through a transformative 3-day experience where you’ll learn to master your emotions (both the positive and negative ones) and how to build unstoppable confidence to push you forward in your business and your life!

How to Use Your Website, Email Funnels and Social Media to Bring in Regular Revenue and Clients

You’ll learn what’s hot – and what’s not – in social media, funnel creation, website design, video, and more, and how to create messaging that resonates and attracts your ideal clients!

How to Overcome Any Blocks, including Technology, and Eliminate Any Fears Standing In Your Way

We’ll use the best techniques, like EFT Tapping and visualization to identify (and eliminate!) your business blocks, so you can skyrocket your confidence and play even bigger!
“I got a chance to rub elbows with some very powerful people.”
“The energy’s so great in the room, I got a chance to rub elbows with some very powerful people. Take advantage of extraordinary expertise when it’s available. You can’t do it by yourself. ”
Orrin Hudson
“After Empower it became easier to talk with my family about my business and my vision.”
“Attending Empower with my family and some friends helped to strengthen our relations. They had the opportunity to hear from others about the healing work. They realized (especially my kids) that I was not the only crazy one!! They got a bigger vision of the possibilities for their own lives. For my family it was the realization that it is possible to create a big business in this industry.”
Clara Arenas
“Who should come to Empower? The person who knows that they’re not done yet.”
“The person who knows that they have something to give. That they have something more to be, something more to offer to the world. And, something more to reach in themselves. And, if they come here, they will realize that this is a place that will nurture that and support that.”
Nina Lockwood
“This weekend was absolutely amazing!”
“It opened your eyes to so much stuff that you don’t know is going on inside you, and it really awakens you to your true potential. There were a lot of breakthrough trainings in the room that happened- overcoming some internal blockages and teaching you how to maximize your human potential. There are a lot of things I learned this weekend that catapulted me, right to the top.”
Daniel Hutchinson

Why come to Empower?

   Get Tactics Designed For You

Get the tactics that are designed specifically to address the unique challenges of transformational entrepreneurs: coaches, healers, consultants, speakers, and trainers.

   Meet Like-Minded Business Owners

Empower is not the same as other 3-day events. From the moment you walk in, you’ll know something is different. You’ll meet like-minded business owners who know exactly what you are struggling with and are ready to cheer you on to greater success.

  Come Away Inspired

You’ll come away inspired, have the strategies you need, and be ready to take action, but even more – you’ll have tackled the biggest mindset blocks that have been holding you back.

  Find Your Tribe at Empower

And you’ll make connections that will last a lifetime.

Event Details
Event Details

Empower: Creating Business Breakthroughs


Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center

500 Powder Springs St, Marietta, GA 30064


January 17 – 19


Check in on January 16th, and we start the morning of January 17th. Be ready for 3 days of in-depth business training and transformational experiences.


The event is held from 8:30 or 9 am each morning to 9 pm each day, except the 19th, which ends at 5 pm.


We have 2 special evenings planned (including a networking extravaganza) for Thursday and Friday evening.


ATL (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

Yes, Pamela!

I’m in for ‘Empower: Creating Business Breakthroughs’

I understand that I’ll receive:

Empower: Creating Business Breakthroughts


Accessing the Money Flow: The formula for a new strategy, identity and reality around money. (This can double, triple, or even 10X your income!)

The Big Reach Process: You’ll know exactly how to be seen by your ideal clients, and also release any fears you have around visibility and public speaking.

Time & Focus Mastery: How to get more done than you’ve ever dreamed of, release the overwhelm that can paralyze you, and create calm focus in your day.

Client Attraction Mastery: Discover your ‘Acceleration Factor’ for maximum client attraction, plus release any discomfort with marketing and sales so that you’re manifesting clients much more easily and effectively.

Plus – it’s connection nirvana: Networking and connection in a safe space with an intimate group of powerful, like-minded entrepreneurs.

Pay Only:
With one easy payment


Here are some common questions about Empower

1. What if I can't attend the event in January? Will there be a livestream or recording?
We won’t be doing a live stream of the entire event this year – there’s just no substitute for the transformative power that happens when you do the work surrounded by like-minded business owners who are so focused on success!

2. How will Empower help my business?
This event is designed to help you get the strategies that you need, step by step, to attract your ideal clients and make the money you want. It also helps you get clear on what is holding you back – blocks around money, success, and more – giving you proven tools that will help you break through those blocks, and take your business to the next level.

3. What if I am already drowning from information overload? Will Empower make me feel more overwhelmed?
Excellent question. It’s no secret there are endless sources of free and paid information about how to market and grow your business. But Empower is actually designed to eliminate the information overload – not add to it! That’s because you’ll learn concrete, proven methods to stop feeling overwhelmed and make the mindset shifts you need in your business. (As well as getting clear on what you DON’T need to do, strategically.) You’ll leave Empowered with greater clarity about how to confidently take your business to the next level.

4. Are accommodations included?
Your hotel room isn’t included, but we do have a block of rooms reserved for Empower attendees! These rooms sell out quickly so don’t wait long to book! And with our “Bring A Friend” offer – where if you bring a friend, they can attend for free – you can share a room and cut your costs!
5. What if I'm just starting out in my business? Is Empower right for me?
Absolutely! In fact, if you apply what you learn here, you could make a huge leap forward in your business. Empower is a positive, welcoming environment for potential and current transformational business owners. If you’re just starting out, Empower will provide you with the best strategies for taking those big first steps, so you can push through that tough learning curve with ease! You’ll also be surrounded by like-minded coaches, healers, and consultants who have been where you are and who will help guide you along the way to your own success.

The Empower Guarantee

Take in every moment. Take notes. Network like crazy. And if by the END of the first day of the Empower event you feel it isn’t delivering on what I promised, you can turn in your materials, exit the event, and we will refund your entire registration fee plus up to $250 in documented travel expenses within 30 days.

So you risk nothing – not one single penny.

NO Cancellations 30 days prior to the Empower Event.

If unexpected circumstances make it impossible for you to join us in person at Empower:

– You may receive a credit for your ticket purchase towards future live events or fantastic training programs.

– You can also transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and they can attend in your place.

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