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Your friends can attend for only $97!

Since we’re virtual for the first time EVER, you can invite friends from around the world to join you. They can attend from home to master branding and high-ticket packages, client attraction, online marketing and sales… all specifically designed for coaches & healers.

Empower a friend, Save a life.

When you buy a Bring-a-Friend ticket, 100% of this purchase goes to the Unstoppable Foundation – if you want to donate and don’t have a friend currently in mind, you can still purchase a ticket to make a donation.

We want to support you and your friends in being EMPOWERED!

We know you’ll get the most out of the event when you’re able to share your insights and aha’s with your friends and colleagues.

In fact, we’re so committed to this that you can also win prizes when your friends attend EMPOWER.

Bring a Friend Prizes

Bring-a-Friend BONANZA for You and Your Friend!
$250 Value

  • Attend a special, Friends-only virtual event before EMPOWER!
  • Get your burning questions answered personally by Pamela.
  • Get prepped to get the most out of the EMPOWER event!

Chance to win a 1-on-1 VIP Session with Pamela!
$5000 Value

  • For every friend who attends EMPOWER, you’ll get one entry.
  • Invite more friends, and get more chances to win!
  • Your 1-1 VIP Session could bring you your next $100K idea!

Want to share EMPOWER with a friend and see if they’ll like to attend?

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Hi, (friend's name)

I’m attending this amazing event called EMPOWER: Elevate Your Business for the World to See.

It’s virtual so you can attend without leaving home, and I thought it would be great for you. It’s all about building a successful business that transforms lives.

I’ve gotten a ticket for you. You can check it out here: (put the link in here)

One of the reasons that I’m attending is… (add your own reason here.)

I hope you can attend!

SIGNED, Your name

We look forward to serving you and your friends at EMPOWER!

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