Yay, you’re in for the Funnels & Freebie Workshops!

Three things you need to do right away: 


1. Put all three dates for this course on your calendar NOW. You’ll receive reminders to attend all three, but it’s easier if you’ve already made the appointment with yourself.

2. Go to my Facebook page HERE  and let me know the biggest challenge you have with trying to attract clients online.

3. For 2 of the trainings, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your ideas for review, so watch for the invitation to do that (we’ll send it to you by email).

You’ll get a handout to go with each training, so make sure you check your email just before the trainings.

That’s it! I’m so psyched you’ll be at the training, so you can start being extremely well-paid for making a difference in the world!



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